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The IT in the D Show

Welcome to the IT in the D show, brought to you by long-time Detroit IT veterans Bob Waltenspiel (The Sales Guy), Dave Phillips (The Geek), and Nuri Gocay (The FNG).

IT in the D has been putting on free networking events for the metro Detroit information technology community for over 10 years, helping more than 2,500 people find new jobs via their Pink Slip Party Concept, and has been featured in local and national news stories and publications for their efforts.  After taking on speaking engagements starting in 2011 that helped refine their message, in 2013 they took their ramblings to a broadcast format that has proven to be far more popular than anyone expected.

The IT in the D show is more conversational and less instructional – it is far more geared toward entertainment and local goings-on in the metro Detroit area than a deep-dive about specific technical issues.  It’s a bar chat, not technical seminar.  You’ll hear more movie quotes than MySQL queries and more Depeche Mode than development methodologies.  Not that the guys don’t roll up their sleeves and deep dive from time to time, but with guests ranging from local CIOs and CEOs to roller derby girls and pop culture icons from the 80s, don’t let the “IT” in “IT in the D” scare you.

Each weekly two-hour show typically includes current events and stories, guests ranging from local entrepreneurs to local IT rock stars to people with great local stories to tell, rants, raves and everything you’d expect from a couple of guys who have known each other and been drinking together for nearly two decades.

The show has been listened to over twenty million times to date and has been heard in all 50 states and 41 countries. We appreciate the time spent with us and welcome all feedback.

Bob Waltenspiel

Bob Waltenspiel is one of the original founders and resident “Sales Guy” of the group, working for such tech giants as NTT, NEC, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and most recently Cisco Systems.  Bob was recently awarded the Elite 40 under 40 designation from L Brooks Patterson, he serves on the TIFA Board for the City of Auburn Hills as well as sits on the Oakland County Business Roundtable. Bob is also on the Board of Directors for the German-American Marksmanship Club, served for 2 years as the President of the Auburn Elementary PTA, and is a regular speaker for the Michigan Shifting Gears program, winning 2013’s “Outstanding Contributor for the Transformation of Careers and Lives”.

David Phillips

David Phillips is the geek that’s been pushed into management roles over the span of his career.  He’s been a helpdesk jockey, a team lead, a systems architect and even a Vice President over the course of his more than 20 years in information technology for a variety of industries.  He’s been profiled by CNN’s Money Magazine for his work with the group, as well as being a regular speaker for the Michigan Shifting Gears program, winning 2013’s “Outstanding Contributor for the Transformation of Careers and Lives”.

Nuri Gocay

Nuri Gocay is the most recent addition to IT in the D.  He started his career in IT as the guy who blew dust out of computers, told employees to MOVE, and taught himself programming so he could take his call center paperless (in 2001). He’s since spent his 15 year IT career in the contact center space, working for giants such as USAA, T-Mobile, Expedia, and Google (as a prime) and working for eLoyalty and Presidio, boutique Call Center consulting companies, providing both engineering and thought leadership. He moved to Michigan from NYC to get involved with Penguicon, a local science fiction and open source convention, where he eventually chaired the event, growing it 30% YOY in his first year of leadership. It was because of this involvement that Nuri met Bob and Dave, and due to some serendipitous timing, Nuri ended up with a permanent spot on the show. Nuri gives talks every year at Penguicon about how to get better jobs in IT, how to be better at social skills, and something he’s most passionate about — vegan meatsticks.

Randy Walker

Randy Walker is a geek-of-all-trades who currently works writing customer documentation for a network software company. He got his start in IT working in his University’s online learning department. Since then, he’s been an elearning developer for a chemicals manufacturing company, a solutions architect, a database administrator, and a web developer and he has guided implementation of a product lifecycle management solution for an automotive manufacturer. In his spare time, he’s an audio engineer for Podcast Detroit, teaches computer programming courses for Girl Develop It Detroit, co-organizes WordCamp Detroit and the Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, and provides technical assistance to Daily Detroit.

Randy runs the IT in the D Twitter account and co-organizes the Ann Arbor meetup events

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