Yoga & Mindfulness for People Who Stare at Computers All Day


In this increasingly busy world we live in, office and tech workers often find themselves hunched over computers, pushing to meet deadlines, to clear out todo lists, and to keep up with our ever-changing, high-speed, information economy. If left unchecked, this drive to keep up – and the work habits we develop to do so, can start to build tension, stress, and even illness. All of this can impact overall happiness, health, and ability to perform at work.

Join us for a look at how crafting a personal yoga and mindfulness routine can help to reduce the negative effects of our digital-based lives. We’ll walk through some quick and simple mindfulness techniques to help better your day. We’ll discuss some of the reasons you might want to introduce yoga and mindfulness practices in your workplace. And finally, we’ll end our session with a short, chair-based yoga sequence that you can practice just about anywhere.

Food and drinks provided courtesy of Atomic Object!

Julie has played various roles in the web development industry for over a decade and is currently working remotely in Ypsilanti, Michigan as a Tech Lead and Frontend Developer for Articulate. She is co-founder of the Ann Arbor chapter of Girl Develop It, and an experienced speaker and teacher, having presented at several national conferences and local Meetup groups. She is passionate about CSS, Sass, and modular frontend architecture; is an advocate for women in tech and life; she’s a yogi, a beer & wine consumer, a pet lover, a Beyoncé fan, and a self-improvement practitioner.

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