Tips for Finding (and Landing) Career Opportunities in Software Development

– Do you know how to find attractive career opportunities, before they are widely known to others?
– Does your resume resonate with today’s hiring managers and set you apart from the crowd?
– Does your social media presence help you or hinder your search activities?
– Is your “interview readiness” strong enough to allow you to seize unexpected opportunities quickly and nail the interview process?

What We’ll Cover:
– How to Find Career Opportunities (and How to Let Opportunities Find You) –
If you haven’t been in the job market recently, you’ll be surprised by how differently one approaches the task of finding opportunities today as opposed to just five years ago. In many situations, the best strategy is to make it easy for opportunities to find you. We cover the tips and tricks that everyone should be aware of: best job boards, Google searching / querying techniques, what your online / social media presence should consist of, and more.

– How to Properly Structure a Technical Resume –
What content belongs on a resume? There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding what a resume should look like. Much of it comes from the fact that the standard or model resume varies by industry, title and position. So some people are trying to make their resume fit the model of what an MBA looking for a leadership role should do, which differs greatly from what a software professional should do. The software professional’s resume should include very specific content and should be of a very specific length. And there are specific tips and techniques that apply to the entry-level candidate, the mid-level and the senior-level professional. All attendees are welcome to bring copies of their resume to share with Stout Systems and other attendees, if they desire.

Following the presentations, representatives from Stout will be available to answer questions and review resumes. Stout will also collect resumes and will offer individualized feedback and suggestions for improvement via e-mail in the days following the event.

Please Note:
This presentation is specifically designed for people that are pursuing a software-related career path (i.e., Software Professionals in all of their various flavors, including Software Developers, User Experience/User Interface professionals, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc.) As such, it is not a “general purpose” session designed to meet the needs of people from any career path. Note that it is also designed for ALL software/technical professionals, no matter what stage of your career or level of advancement you are currently at.

Please bring a copy of your resume and arrive on time, if possible. We’ll have a lot of content to cover!

About the Speakers:
Peg Bogema, Vice President of Operations at Stout Systems

Peg has been a member of the Stout team since 1997. Her duties include the supervision of development projects and personnel, recruiting and accounts. She keeps watch over the quality of Stout’s products and personnel. Peg spent more than a decade working as a technical writer and trainer, followed by another decade working as a project manager, and she has experience in a wide variety of industries.

Bob Hoffman, Vice President of Public Outreach & Business Services at Stout Systems

Bob began his career as a Software Developer and subsequently moved into a variety of roles in Enterprise Systems Development, Business Development, Sales and Marketing for companies including Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Thomson Reuters and Fiserv. He also founded and grew a highly successful staffing organization which was recognized as the second fastest growing franchise in a network of 600+ offices. In his current role, Bob’s mission is to drive global recognition of the Stout brand and to introduce Stout’s services to a broad spectrum of new clients and new candidates. Bob joined the Stout team in 2013.

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