Personal Finance 101: How to Meet Your Financial Goals in 2017

Part 2 of the New Year, New Career Speaker Series at Grand Circus

The holiday season is finally here and that can only mean one thing: New Year’s resolutions. You know, they’re those goals we always set for ourselves around this time of year but somehow tend to forget come March.

But not this year! Join Grand Circus for the second installment of our “New Year, New Career Speaker Series” featuring personal finance advice from Fifth Third Bank! You’ll hear from Robert Onesko, Assistant VP at Fifth Third, and Ian Washington, Recruitment and Selection Manager at Grand Circus, on how to best manage your personal finances. Regardless of whether your resolution is to start saving up for retirement or just to make smarter decisions with your money, we’ll have everything you need to achieve your 2017 financial goals.

Saving more and spending less is the third most popular New Year’s resolution each year and 56% of people report making it at least halfway to their financial goal. But when it comes to saving, preparation is essential and setting specific goals can help improve success. 

To help craft your financial strategy for 2017, Robert and Ian will share insight on:

• Long- and short-term investment options

• Developing – and sticking to – a realistic person budget

• Strategies to help tackle student loans and debt

• Planning for retirement and unexpected expenses

There will also be a question and answer portion of the evening where you can get more specific advice for your goals.


Robert Onesko is a Financial Center Manager and Assistant VP for Fifth Third Bank. His responsibilities includes working with consumers and businesses in the community to help them better their financial stability. In addition to his work with Fifth Third, Robert assisted in the creation and growth of the Bank of Birmingham and is member of the Berkley Downtown Development Authority.

Ian K. Washington is the Recruitment and Selection Manager at Grand Circus Detroit handling all admissions for the company’s programs. Ian holds a degree in Economics from Northwood University and has more than 10+ years of experience in sales marketing.

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