Organize My Life: An Introduction to Personal Organization

Part 1 of the New Year, New Career Speaker Series at Grand Circus

The holiday season is finally here and that can only mean one thing: New Year’s resolutions. You know, they’re those goals we always set for ourselves around this time of year but somehow tend to forget come March?

But not this year! Join Grand Circus for the first installment of our “New Year, New Career Speaker Series” featuring lightning talks on how to get your life organized. Personal organization consistently ranks among the most popular resolutions, with 18% of Americans reporting they’ve made it one of their top priorities.

But what are some tangible steps you can learn to ensure your resolution takes hold? From bullet journaling to mastering your inbox, our workshop with provide the essential tips, tricks and skills you can use to be your most productive self.


6:30pm – 6:40: Check-in, Light Snacks & Networking

6:40pm – 7:55pm: Bullet Journaling

7:55pm – 8:10pm: Mastering Your Inbox

8:10pm – 8:25pm: Effective Scheduling

8:25pm – 8:30pm: Networking Time


Tricia Haslinger is an Operations and Program Manager at Grand Circus Detroit helping to plan, coordinate and schedule the numerous courses and events that take place in the company’s office in downtown Detroit. With so much going on around the space, scheduling and organization is an essential part of Tricia’s life.

Jeseekia Vaughn is a full-stack developer and a Bootcamp Instructor at Grand Circus Detroit. In addition to her work with GC, Jeseekia is also a lead instructor for the Detroit chapter of Girl Develop It, a graduate of Wayne State University and a bullet journaling enthusiast.

Looking to make another change in the New Year? 2017 is a great time to start a career in the tech world and joining one of our bootcamps is the perfect first step. For more info on the programs we offer and how YOU can become a developer, check out our website.

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