Night of Meetups in October

Join us at Grand Circus in welcoming the meetups below. We are once again bringing together the engineering community and the entrepreneur community!

There will be food, an open bar and some awesome giveaways from our sponsors so make sure to be there on time to get the best of it! We are expanding onto another floor and doubling our content!

How to Start a Startup, Detroit Javascript, Google Developer Group, Internet of Things Meetup, Intro to Coding, and Detroit Android

How to Start a Startup: Starting a business. Informing individuals on filing an article of organization, obtaining a tax identification number, and free tools available to run it for little to nothing (email, web pages, phone service, etc.)

I am Lekeitia Cokley, co-founder of Urban Embodiment (UE). The other founder is DeSean Whipple. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and work full time. UE was created in 2017 with concept of bringing people together through social activities. We are best known for our Find A Bae Speed Dating service. However, we have hosted other social events and trips. We also run a singles group on Facebook, Singles Dating in Detroit which has 1500+ members. Within the group, we host group outings and host a live show Hook Up or Hang Up. We’ve also collaborated with other organizations different projects. We were invited to host Find A Bae Speed Dating at Arts, Beats, and Eats Labor Day.

Detroit JavaScript: Getting Scala everywhere with Scala.js

Scala is a compiled language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Not everyone has the JVM on their computer, though almost every computer has JavaScript. Scala.js enables us to leverage the type safety of Scala with the ubiquity of JavaScript. We will go through the Hello World example and then a much more involved project with packages and class hierarchies.

Alonso del Arte is a peacetime veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps who started programming in QBasic before JavaScript was even invented. He is also the first composer ever commissioned to write a Symphony through eBay.

Google Developer Group: One Codebase, Many Screens – Flutter in a Nutshell

Flutter is Google’s cross-platform development framework for quickly crafting high-quality native apps on Web, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS in record time.

Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. Notable apps written in Flutter include Abbey Road Studios first mobile app, Topline, the Hamilton Broadway Musical app, and Alibaba’s Xianyu mobile app.

Internet Of Things:
Presenting on IoT Mesh Networks. A mesh network is a network in which the devices — or nodes — are connected so that at least some, and sometimes all, have multiple paths to other nodes.

Detroit Android:
Detroit Android is covering Android lifecycle this month. One of the hardest topics to wrap your head around when starting Android development is Android Activity and Fragment lifecyle.

Intro to Coding Workshop By Grand Circus

This critical first step towards your new career will provide you with basic programming terminology – like syntax (trust us, it’s an important one!) and give you the opportunity to practice basic programming ideas.

While you won’t leave this workshop a developer, you will learn more about Grand Circus and the steps we have in place to get you there.

What do you need for this class?

– A laptop with Google Chrome downloaded on it

– A willingness to learn something new

Our Sponsors for this evening are:

StockX –

Accenture –

StackRox –

Grand Circus –

Please RSVP at our eventbrite page.

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