June’s First Wednesday IT in the D Casual Networking Social


Fun little sidenote: since June 3rd is the 2nd anniversary of our very first podcast broadcast, we’ll be doing a live remote broadcast from Stray Cat Lounge during this event. Why? Because “why not?”, that’s why. 🙂 So if there weren’t already enough good reasons to come to this event, now you’ve got another one – you can watch us stumble and bumble our way through a live broadcast, or heck, maybe you can even hop on a mic and sit in with us!

So here we go. We said we were going to double down on events. We said we’d do something on a day that wasn’t on a Thursday for those who have problems making it on Thursdays. We said we’d do more events around the area. Well, here we go. We’ve got two events going on in June, and this is the first one of them. Casual Networking Social for Information Technology Professionals in metro Detroit.

So, you know the drill: No agenda. No speakers. No 30-second commercials. No cover charge. No free lunch. Never. Just networking with IT professionals. Plain and simple.

IT in the D was started by IT professionals for IT professionals. We didn’t like any other group out there, so we started our own! At our events, you might meet some recruiters, some out of work developers, some sales guys, some network admins, some web guys and some senior level management…

So come on out, bring some business cards (or don’t, it’s OK), meet some like-minded people in the Metro Detroit area, and who knows, you could meet a life-long friend, a new business partner, or no one at all…it’s what you make of it that makes these events great.

As always, we are networking Detroit, one beer at a time.

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