IT in the D live podcast: Episode 130

Okay, so let’s be right up front here…this isn’t going to be one of our usual episodes. Tonight we’re tackling some serious issues.

The water crisis in Flint is something we’re all familiar with by this point, but we’ve got some amazing guests joining us tonight to tell us what it looks like in the midst of everything that’s going on. Repeat guest Russ has been living in Flint since his return, and just closed on a new house a month before all of this broke. With his assistance, we’re also being joined by Kathi Horton, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, and Dr Mona Hanna-Attisha MD MPH FAAP, the founder of and who you may recognize from the story CNN did –

Needless to say, we have a lot of questions, and they have a lot to talk about. We’re very much looking forward to this show.

Listen live and hit us up on twitter at @ITintheD

Everything you need to know:

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