Intro to LiveCode

LiveCode is both an information storage system and a programming language, seamlessly integrated. It carries on the stack-of-cards and message-passing paradigm pioneered 30 years ago by Apple’s HyperCard. The language is remarkable for its conversational English style.

In this introduction to LiveCode, we explore a simple approach to improvisational programming, information bases, and customizable software tools. No technical experience is necessary to enjoy this talk.

Greg is an electrical engineer at Lear Corporation, working on power systems for electric vehicles. Previous work has included industrial, medical, and aerospace electronics. He once developed hardware and software controlling a robot aboard a Space Shuttle. Greg uses LiveCode regularly to explore ideas, process data, and build useful and sometimes fanciful software applications.

At Atomic Object (, our passion is to build great software and find better ways of doing it. We were early pioneers and continue to innovate with agile software development practices such as pair programming and test-driven, iterative development. We are at the forefront of integrating user experience (UX) design with the agile development process.

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