[FULL] Grand Circus + Google Present: Presenting with Charisma

Please note that this event is limited to 15 attendees and the $5 registration must be processed through Eventbrite here: www.eventbrite.com/e/grand-circus-google-present-presenting-with-charisma-tickets[masked]

Learn how to use tone and body language to effectively engage and captivate your audience! 

This highly interactive class uses performance concepts from the stage and brings them to life in a business context. Tone, body language and presence are all elements of charisma that can be refined and improved upon with self-awareness.

What to expect:

This course teaches the fundamentals of presenting, to help you:

• Enhance presentation delivery by focusing on performance energy

• Regulate nervous verbal ticks and body language by increasing self-awareness

• Engage your audience by monitoring your personal tone, body language, and overall presence

• Experiment with improvisation techniques using physical space, volume, and energy

• You will receive feedback from the group and the facilitator on your personal delivery style

You will:

• Learn how to present live

• Focus on monitoring your personal tone

• Master your body language, and overall presence

• Own your space

Every participant will be expected to present, we encourage you to come prepared with a presentation (business or otherwise) in mind! Pizza, coffee and tea will be provided.

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