Detroit Meets Presents: A Night of Meetups in July.

Join us at Grand Circus in welcoming the meetups below. We are once again bringing together the engineering community and the entrepreneur community!

There will be food, an open bar and some awesome give aways from our sponsors so make sure to be there on time to get the best of it!

How To Start A Startup, Detroit Android, and
DC313 (Security and Hacking)

Detroit Android will be presenting Epoxy. Epoxy is an awesome Android Library created by AirBnB. The goal of Epoxy is to make scroll-able list easier to create and make Android RecyclerViews simple. This is an powerful tool to make your everyday Android development a bit easier. So mark your calendar and be ready to learn. We hope to see you there!

DC313 (Security and Hacking) will be presenting a hacking talk, stay tuned for more information.

How To Start a Startup will be presenting a Female Leaders panel. This will be a Q&A format with the audience. Please stay tuned for more information about the panel.

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