Beyond the PMP: Critical Leadership Competencies for Project & Team Leaders

Tuesday, October 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm

Prerequisites: None

Project Management is the science and art of getting stuff done. In software development, it is a role that allows you to stay immersed in the world of technical innovation while also learning about broader business concepts and exercising your people and leadership skills. While the PMP credential is certainly something all aspiring and acting project managers should strive for, it’s only the beginning. Achieving PMP status means you are fundamentally sound in project management concepts, processes, methods and tools – but it doesn’t mean you’ll be an effective leader or actually enjoy being a project manager. This is where the “art” comes in!

In this interactive session, Lisa Ingall will reflect on 18 years of product development at IBM and Siemens to focus on the organization, problem solving, relationship and communication skills that transformed her from a project manager to a project and program leader. We’ll discuss practical ways the best project leaders serve their teams, bring real value to their organizations, and master the art of influence to be both effective and well-liked — even when team members are scattered across the globe. Join us to learn about and discuss the human side of projects and how you can adapt these concepts to all leadership roles, at work and home! 


Lisa Ingall created her first “Hello world” in BASIC while trying out her shiny new Commodore 64c in middle school. She embraced her inner nerd, got a BSE at U of M, and started working for IBM in 1998 in Silicon Valley, where she built the heads for hard disk drives and talked about microns all day long. Her knack for systems thinking (thanks ChemE!) and enjoyment of pulling people together to build cool stuff led her to project management. She took courses, became a PMP, and moved into software development (mainframes forever!), where she led global development and implementation projects using Waterfall, Agile, and everything in between.

The one thing that never changed, across all of these project? The fact that PEOPLE get the work done. That’s why she launched Couragecopia.
When she’s not figuring out this “solo-preneur” stuff, Lisa loves traveling, playing hockey with her husband, talking all things Star Wars with her son, and sampling the insane selection of beers in our beautiful state.


Couragecopia coaches tech professionals to get the most out of their people – the right way. We help leaders utilize their innate courage and build awesome teams, so everyone can get more done with less effort and actually enjoy their work. We focus on the people side of tech because we fervently believe that great leaders don’t have to betray their humanity, and work is a lot more productive and fun when teams are engaged and able to innovate!


At Atomic Object, our passion is to build great software and find better ways of doing it. We were early pioneers and continue to innovate with agile software development practices such as pair programming and test-driven, iterative development. We are at the forefront of integrating user experience (UX) design with the agile development process. 


Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Note: Your $5 admission fee is a direct donation to Girl Develop It scholarships. Receipts available upon request – please email [masked].


We’re here to help! If you have additional questions or would like to talk further before signing up for a class, please contact us at <a>[masked]</a>

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