Art of Charm


Well hello there, Art of Charm listeners!  Welcome to IT in the D.

We’ve been chatting with Jordan for a little while now, and we’ve decided to join forces to try and make your podcast listening time better by cross-promoting each other’s audience for a few weeks so that you can get a taste of what we each think happens to be something worth listening to – the other show.  We won’t bore you with the backstory, who we are, and all of that other drivel here…if you want, you can go check out the history and story of our world that’s been around since 2001 over here:

Short version?  We’re two guys in the metro Detroit information technology community that hated every other networking group around and so we started our own, running events in bars across Michigan trying to help people improve their careers and get better.  And as our bar conversations spread to new audiences, they told us we should do a podcast…and so in 2013, we started one.

So you’re taking the plunge and want to listen to us?

Good.  Welcome to the party.

We’re live on Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm.

If you want to listen live, there are several ways you can do so:


If you just want to listen through your web browser, it’s pretty simple.

See that link over in the right rail that says “Listen to Our Studio Stream”?  Click “play”.  Voila.

When we’re not live (which, again, is Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm), the Studio Stream will play back episodes, other shows, music, our intros, or whatever else we decide to load up in there.


Don’t want to use your browser?  No problem.

We’re on the Tune In Radio app, and we have our own app you can use, too!


The easiest way to listen and get engaged is through our own app.  It’s currently live in the Google Play store for Android devices and the Apple store for iOS devices.

You can listen live, engage on social media, chat, and even call into the shows all through our app, which can be downloaded for Android devices here:

And apple devices here:

That one’s really simple.  Install it…and click play.  Boom.  You’re done.

Want to use TuneIn?  Here’s how you do that:

To catch up on past episodes of our show, you can hit the Show Archives page at

There you’ll find information about listening to the edited versions of our podcast after the fact (our Monday night episodes are typically edited and available for listening by Wednesday morning at the latest) through a range of options:

Thanks for your interest in listening, and we hope to hear from you during the show!