Your Opinion, Please: Out of State Jobs


There’s been some discussion lately in our LinkedIn group ( about whether or not we should permit out of state jobs to be posted.  Personally, we say “no”, because we’re all about trying to help things in this area get better…but we’re curious as to your thoughts.  To be clear, we’re not talking about companies that are based out of state posting jobs here in metro Detroit – no, we’re good with those…

We’re talking about jobs OUTSIDE of metro Detroit – people that want you to relocate to North Carolina, New York, California…wherever.

  1. Ann Marie Muzik says

    No….keep it local.

  2. Chuck Tyrrell says

    I have been surprized at how many times the out of state, and out of the Metro Area, postings that I have passed along have fit an individual and their desire to reloacte. Keep them in.

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