Pink Slip Party Tonight! Updates and Jobs

The Pink Slip Party is tonight at the Post Bar in Novi, and starts at 5pm.  We’re looking forward to a very solid and pretty well attended event.  Don’t forget that these events are a little different from our smaller, more casual events in that the recruiters will be easily identifiable since they’ll be wearing badges to identify them, and there’s a registration table for everyone to sign in, get a name tag, and get situated.  As always, feel free to find Bob, Dave or Jeff if you’re looking for someone in particular, or even just trying to get your bearings.

You can check out details…

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Please take a moment to read the FAQs about our Pink Slip Parties:

And feel free to check out the coverage on Fox2’s Job Shop from Tuesday morning:

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone there.  A lot of recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers from a variety of companies looking for IT professionals have let us know they’re coming.

Going to keep things a little light this week, and just tell you to hit the Jobs tab in our LinkedIn group for the latest job listings: You can get there from our group:, or the “Job Board” link in the top navigation of our website will get you there as well.  There are a decent amount that got posted this week, and almost all of those recruiters will be on hand at the event to talk with you about them, as well as all of the other recruiters (along with quite a few new ones) with a wide variety of positions they’re looking to fill.

Hope you can make it tonight.  For details (address, etc.) hit our site: or LinkedIn:


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