Don’t Be “That Guy” – Volume 2


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So a couple months ago at a great ITintheD event at the BlackFinn, “That Guy” shows up once again.

Older gentlemen, looked somewhat presentable, and I was introduced by a friend, what I later found out to be a “pawned off”, not an introduction.

I digress…

He immediately goes into pitch mode, doesn’t hesitate, goes on and on about the blips, bleeps, and the cool blinking lights of his product that is going to save the world.

I nod…

He then asks, “So, do you own your own company?” (Which in his mind he wished, so he could one-call close me at a free happy hour networking event).

I then proceed to tell him I work for HP.

“GREAT!” he yells…(Probably thinking I am the CEO and I can put one of these at 50,000 offices worldwide…

I honestly don’t remember how I ended the conversation, I might have told him I have to use the men’s room, or used the “Uh oh, I am getting an important call”, but none the less, this guy never had a chance.

Not one chance.

No one is going to buy anything from that guy unless he is selling American Flags on toothpicks or candy bars for his kid’s hockey team.

So please understand, I am sure you have a phenomenal product, I do too, but know your audience, ask questions, and most importantly…LISTEN! You will be amazed at what you learn, and the time you save pitching to the wrong audience.

And don’t be afraid to admit this is the wrong venue for a sales pitch and ask to have coffee sometime, I almost guarantee you will get 75% positive feedback from that instead of digging your own networking grave.

Happy selling!

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