Don’t be “That Guy”

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So this being the first blog entry, I had to share my favorite story. Amazingly enough, when I share this story in public, at an event, or at a lunch, everyone knows exactly who I am talking about. Pretty scary the rounds he must have made.

A few years back, I am at a smaller trade show from one of the regional chambers and it was actually a really nice event, a great turnout, and nice conversations and connections were being made until “that guy” showed up.

He asks “What do you do?”

As I explain, I can totally tell he isn’t listening, he just kept repeating “UH HUH….UH HUH…UH HUH”…just looking for his opportunity to jump in, and low and behold…

“Well, Iiiiii sell (insert product here). Are you interested?”

I explain that I actually paid for this booth, which gives me the priveledge of selling my wares, however if he wanted to set up coffee I would listen to his story.

Well, the next day, I (bleep) you not, I get a phone call at 9:00AM.

It’s him.

He asks (and I’m not kidding), “So, did you win any business from the trade show??”

I explain I sell solutions and those have longer sales cycles. Thanks for the call.

A week later, “So, anything?”

I say no…

“Well, if you would use my product, you could close that business!”

I explain there is no way in God’s green Earth that could help me close business that you have never taken the time to understand. It’s just not that simple.

Well, fast forward 6-months. I put on one of the larger technology showcases of my life. 300 guests. A couple great speakers. Demos everywhere. And I see him. He is literally going person to person, changing the demo from our flat panels, and showing everyone his product and how great it is.

This can’t be.

I go up to him and explain that I paid for this venue, I worked for over 4 months to put the content together and to attract a good audience. This isn’t your little playground to sell your wares to everyone.

I literally had to ban him from ITintheD. The only one ever. And how I did it makes no sense because this is a free group, no one pays for membership, and there are pretty much no rules besides being “that guy”.

(His whereabouts today are unknown)

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