IT in the D Episode 32: Tips, Tricks, Tickets and Turtles

IT in the D, Episode 32.

We experienced some serious technical difficulties with the show last night – the live stream had some problems, and it turns out that the recording did as well.

So…publishing this partial version which contains the first hour of the show for now, with the hope that recovery efforts will be successful and we’ll have the rest available shortly.

Because oh, man did we have some cool stuff happen during tonight’s episode as Adam “D Lux” Lux joined us in-studio tonight…

IMG_20140303_230327_724And who’s Adam Lux?

Well, Adam’s the guy behind the DLux Expo that’s taking place the last weekend of this month that you should totally plan on attending.

Movies, comics, pop culture stars, wrestlers, martial artists, ninja turtles…there’s a little bit of everything that weekend.

He even managed to have a few celebrities who will be at the event call in to the show last night.

51fIOR1pd9LLike Taimak.  The Last Dragon.  Bruce Leroy called our show last night.  You’ve never seen the three of us with bigger, dopier, more ridiculous grins on our faces than when that happened.

And if you don’t know who Taimak is, or what The Last Dragon is, we suggest you avoid talking to us until you have rectified both of those situations.

Taimak is just one of the guests booked for March 28-30 at the event…it’s a miniature Last Dragon reunion.

As well as guests from The Last Dragon, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be on hand.

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A number of mixed martial arts, karate, and wrestling stars will be there signing autographs, holding training seminars, and participating in matches, tournaments and events throughout the weekend.

For more information, and to buy tickets, you can follow these links:

The DLux Expo:

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