Something Old, Something New, Something Something Something “Dark Side”…

Amidst all of the usual chaos surrounding my life, today I start a new job.

And yep, I followed all of our advice that we lay out while doing it, too…and we’ll get to that in a bit.

Last week, a few new blog entries went live that with reactions varying from emails full of hate to buying me drinks, we had a solid episode of IT in the D, and I had a really hard time saying goodbye to my now former co-workers.

This week, there are a couple new entries on the horizon, we’re getting closer to our February networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community, another live broadcast of IT in the D happens tonight, and I’ll probably be struggling with an anxiety attack by the time you read this due to my overwhelming fear of change.

So let’s go ahead and hit some details…

1620818_10152116958653820_1138986736_nLet’s start with our next event first.

Thursday, February 20th.

East siders, we’re coming your way.

Clinton Township.

Detroit Pub at 14 and Harper.

You can find all of the details, a map, etc., out on our events page at, on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

Should be a great night, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

While you’re waiting, you can always catch up on previous episodes of IT in the D by heading over to our Show Archives page by clicking here.

946399_308703015938878_1442786050_nEverything you need to know can be found starting at the page for the show at, since we’ve got links to everything there.  How to listen live.  The archives page.  How to find us after the fact on iTunes, SoundCloud, and a few other places.  But if there’s any advice we can give you, it’s that listening live is where it’s at.  We can’t really control what comes flying out of our (or anyone else’s) mouths while we’re live, and we do edit things a big to clean them up before going out for syndication…so listen live to make sure you catch all the fun.

So cancel your plans for 9pm tonight and tune in live!

During last week’s episode (you can catch it here:, we started talking about a couple of articles that kind of got under my skin a bit.  People claiming there’s no IT talent in metro Detroit.  Governor Snyder wanting to rewrite immigration law for Detroit.

The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got…and so two new Don’t Be That Guy entries were born, and I guess you could say they’re fraternal twins – born at the same time, and they share some of the same DNA…but they’re still different.

file-224798276The first is Don’t Be That Company: There’s No IT Talent in Metro Detroit.  I am officially sick and tired of hearing those words, and I took a running leap off into the deep end about it.

It’s a candid, realistic look at the situation here in the area today, and, well, it’s also a little blunt.

The companies created some of this problem themselves.  Actually, they created quite a bit of it themselves.

What’s even worse, is that they’re not doing anything to make it any better, either.

In fact, they’re continuing to help the downward spiral continue.

So head on over to read it at, and feel free to pass it along to anyone who says there’s no talent out here.

tony1In part two of my full-blown rant, the crosshairs get moved to center over the next part of the problem – some of the people on the other side of the equation.  Don’t Be That Guy: There Are No IT Jobs in Metro Detroit is for the lazy people of the world in the area.

Because there are.

Because in case you missed the opening up there, I’m starting a new one tomorrow.

And I don’t want to hear the “but Dave…you run this group and have all kinds of contacts… ” nonsense about it, because that’s just another excuse.  I run this group and have those contacts because I’ve busted my…

You know what?  That whole rant and more is sitting over at  Go read it.

no_suckFrom an “old posts” perspective, you should probably check out How Not To Suck at Interviewing For a Job.  It’s in three parts…that’s how important it is that you don’t suck at it, and how easy it is to suck at it.  Part one can be found by clicking here.  Part two by clicking here.  Part three by clicking here.

Because yes, they’re full of helpful hints, tips and tricks.

But they’re also based on our own experiences, our own lives, and what we’ve found will actually work for you instead of a hypothesis based on conjecture in a book.

Naturally, there’s also all of the usual fun and excitement in our LinkedIn group – ongoing discussions, jobs being posted, and the usual mayhem.

So don’t forget to listen live tonight starting at 9pm to our IT in the D broadcast –  and we’ll see you in a couple weeks at our February event.



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