It’s The End of the Year As We Know It, And We Feel Fine

“mumblemumble nummanumma hmmmahmmma LEONARD BERNSTEIN” – everyone singing that song, ever

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve…Eve…and we’re wrapping things up with our last IT in the D broadcast of the year tonight.

We’ve been pretty lazy this last week or so…and nope, not feeling guilty about it in the least…

946399_308703015938878_1442786050_nTonight’s episode is number 25, and it’s just going to be the three of us hanging out, popping a few PBR cans open, catching up on news and events from the past few weeks, and just generally doing our thing.

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Oh yeah…episode 24.  We had some serious technical difficulties with the episode from the 16th.  That’s been mostly pieced back together and should be available shortly.

Blogs?  Sure.

Want to read about how our last event of the year wrapped things up in an awesome fashion?  Read

The Dating Corollary is a series of articles that get into the similarities between networking, job searching, dating, and the work life.  And when you hear “it’s not you, it’s me”…you know it’s you, right?  Read

Mister Magoo was a fun one.  Always remember that you may have an adverse effect on those around you when you decide to burn bridges.

There are days when I really just don’t like people…and Don’t Be That Guy: More Human than Human dives into one of those days:

Ah, my very first Don’t Be That Guy entry…Even That Guy Deserves Help.  Still true.  Read it out at

Don’t Be That Guy: Mister Microphone is all about the Kanye Effect, and how it happens way too frequently:

Suburban Kryptonite still happens all too often, so read and don’t be that guy…or girl.

That’s about all for this time, folks.  The inevitable “reflective” look back on 2013 and look ahead to 2014 will go live sometime tomorrow.

Until then…join us live tonight.  Hell, surprise us and call in…



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