Football, Shmootball – IT in the D Live Broadcast Tonight and More!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…the Lions are on Monday Night Football tonight.

Football, shmootball.

IT in the D episode 24 is tonight, and we’ve got a couple of cool guests joining us in-studio that you should catch live.

And, of course, that’s not all that’s going on, so let’s hit some details…

image (2)We had our final event of 2013 Thursday night at Rochester Mills, and it couldn’t have gone any better.

Rather than rehash everything that’s already been said in the recap, please go read that over here at

You might have noticed that we don’t have anything “on the books” and published out yet for 2014.

We’re actually almost fully booked up for 2014, but hit a little snag with the location for our January event, and so we’re waiting to get that locked down and solid before we start publishing.

Rest assured, it’ll be the third Thursday (January 16th), and we’ll be publishing out the location likely later this week.

However, we do have our next two episodes of IT in the D out there, and so while you’re hanging out waiting for the next event, you can catch us live or even get caught up with past episodes.

946399_308703015938878_1442786050_nTonight’s episode is number 24, and we’re being joined by the CEO of JEMS Technology, Kevin Lasser, coming in to chat about mobile, HIPPA, and his history as an entrepreneur here in the area.  Then we’ve also got Cliff Nowicki coming in to talk about Refresh Detroit, Code Michigan, and a whole bunch of other stuff he’s got going on around the area.

For details about our show, you can read

To make sure you know how to listen live, you can check out

All of the past episodes of the show are available on our site, via RSS, on iTunes, Soundcloud, and a few other syndication points.

A recap and the full version of our latest episode from this past Monday with Phil Bertolini, CIO and Deputy Chief Executive of Oakland County, can be found here:

Blog entries?  Oh, we have some good ones that have bubbled up lately.

scared-womanEven though this Suburban Kryptonite was originally written in 2011, it sadly still holds true and becomes relevant every time we do an event downtown.  Read it at, and Don’t Be That Guy.

Ever go to a conference, and run into That Guy who gets on the mic from the crowd and just annoys the hell out of everyone?  We have too.  Don’t Be That Guy: Mister Microphone is all about The Kanye Factor:

We don’t ask much of recruiters coming to our events.  Let us know you’re showing up, and then please let us know when you’re leaving…especially if you’re going to be Premature Ejection Guy:

And then speaking of recruiters…as a friend was taking his first job as a recruiter, he asked me what was important that he should keep in mind from my point of view.  Don’t Be That Guy: The Bad Recruiter is the result of that chat:

All that and more await you on our site at, plus jobs and all sorts of other stuff are waiting in our LinkedIn group:

So, we hope you join us live tonight for our IT in the D broadcast. Details are out on our events page:

…and again, a most sincere thank you to everyone who helped make Thursday night so awesome.  We couldn’t do any of this without this group being what it has become over the years.



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