TONIGHT: Casual Networking Event and Support The Troops!

It’s here folks.

The last event of 2013.

What started off as our “one more excuse for a beer” has turned into something really awesome each year, and we’re really looking forward to what tonight will bring.

So let’s dive into event details one last time for 2013…


As a general reminder about tonight:

For most of you, this is no surprise. Our December event for the last few years has been not only a way for us to gather, kick back, chill a bit and reflect on the past year’s mayhem, but we’ve tried very hard to do something good by supporting local Michigan military troops who are currently deployed overseas and their families back here at home.

There’s an entire Frequently Asked Questions document available here on our site, so make sure you read before asking any questions.

Because we took the time to create the FAQ, and if you don’t take the time to read it, then bad things will likely happen.

Details can be found on our events page –, on Facebook –, or on Meetup –

Really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Can’t make it? Want to donate online? You can do so here:



And then we had The Grinch Factor show up, which makes this even more important to us to

I’m going to purposely omit his name, because there’s really no need to draw attention to him, but that note over there on the right came across Facebook…

…and seriously?  People friggin’ suck.

Whoever’s responsible deserves to get covered in honey and duct-taped to a fire ant hill…but that won’t solve the immediate problem.

Kids need Christmas, and people who have served our country…and who have directly been involved with us and what we’ve been doing for the last few years…deserve to not have this kind of crap happen to them and be hanging over their heads.

And so the gameplan is that a portion of the donations that get made on tonight are going to go directly to him and his family to get this situation resolved.  It’s going to be a hectic pain in the ass for them to try and get everything re-bought, re-wrapped, and reset…but dammit, that’s a better alternative than their kids not having a Christmas because some jackhole stole their stuff.

We appreciate your support in this.

We stress “personal connections” constantly, and this is most definitely personal.

See you tonight, folks.

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