IT in the D Talks IT in The OC Tonight, Support The Troops Event Thursday!

So tonight is episode 23 of our IT in the D broadcast, and if we’re not careful, people are going to start taking us seriously or something.

We’ve got a phenomenal guest joining us in-studio tonight that you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Our end of the year support the troops event takes place this Thursday night, December 12th.

So make sure you’re up to date on our Frequently Asked Questions, especially since we’ve create a way for you to donate online after being asked about it by a few folks.

It’s a snowy, manic Monday…so let’s get rolling…

supporttroopsLet’s hit the details first.

For most of you, this is no surprise. Our December event for the last few years has been not only a way for us to gather, kick back, chill a bit and reflect on the past year’s mayhem, but we’ve tried very hard to do something good by supporting local Michigan military troops who are currently deployed overseas and their families back here at home.

There’s an entire Frequently Asked Questions document available here on our site, so make sure you read before asking any questions.

Because we took the time to create the FAQ, and if you don’t take the time to read it, then bad things will likely happen.

Details can be found on our events page –, on Facebook –, or on Meetup –

Really looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Can’t make it? Want to donate online? You can do so here:

While you’re waiting for the event to get here, we’ve got more than enough stuff to keep you entertained in the meantime.image (2)

The latest episode of IT in the D from Monday night is live. We had Elaina Farnsworth of Mobile Comply, Nate Hughes of Detroit Labs and Amber Coffman of Spark Digital Strategy in-studio with us, and it was an extremely solid show with a ton of great information. From doing better when hiring people to the new Mobility+ CompTIA certification and managing your reputation online.

Details and a recap can be found here:

Tonight’s episode has Phil Bertolini, CIO and Deputy County Executive for Oakland County joining us in-studio.

And before anyone starts up with the “Oh, you’re the ‘IT IN THE D‘ show, but you’ve got the guy from Oakland County coming in and why not from Detroit?!” nonsense…we’ve asked.

We’ve reached out to similar folks from both the city and Wayne County…to absolutely no avail.  So hey, you want us to chat with them?  Reach out to them and tell them you’d like to hear them on our show.

Us?  We’re going to enjoy a great chat with a really good guy who’s working to do great things for this region overall.  That’s what we do.

Not sure how to listen live?  There’s an app for that (of course there is) as well as a site for that:

And then, of course, we’ve got some blogs. Some old ones that have bubbled up as well as some new ones for you to enjoy.

smallworldA friend was starting a new career as a recruiter, and asked me what he should keep in mind.  Don’t Be That Guy: The Bad Recruiter is the result of that conversation, which you can read here:

It’s a small world, folks. You never know who the receptionist knows. Hell…maybe the DJ you’re a complete jerkwad to happens to run the networking group you’re a part of…well, used to be a part of, anyway. Check out Don’t Be That Guy: It’s a Small World After All for the whole story out at

It’s probably a good thing that most geeks don’t spend as much time thinking about their professional network as much as they do our computer networks…or else our events would likely need to be held at Joe Louis Arena. But, that’s not stopping me from pointing out how similar they are and why they have a ton in common. Check out Thoughts on Basements and Networks at

dbtgfb1We don’t lose our minds all that often, but there are certain trigger points that will do it every time. Read Don’t Be That Guy: The Free Beer Isn’t Cold Enough out at to understand what we’re talking about.

We’re always going on about how to suck less at stuff, so here’s How Not to Suck at LinkedIn at with some friendly tips and tricks.

One of our guests Monday night have said SEO is dead from certain perspectives in the web world, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hold a lot of weight with regards to your resume and the job search. Check out Don’t Be That Guy: Bad Resume Guy 2 for more advice on how to create a solid resume –

In our LinkedIn Group, which is at, you’ve got a whole bunch of fun conversations going on.  Here are a few examples:

– The NSA has invaded your Second Life as well as your first life:

– Here’s “irony” for you…a video game to prove how bad your communication skills are getting:

– 30% of CEOs use social media.  Too low?  Too high?  Just right?

– Trustworthiness is the new currency:

…all that and more, plus jobs and all sorts of other stuff are waiting in our LinkedIn group.

So, we hope you join us live tonight for our IT in the D broadcast. Details are out on our events page:

…and definitely make time to read those Frequently Asked Questions at ahead of Thursday night’s event.



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