IT in the D, Episode 21: We Can Drink Legally Now!

Episode 21 of the IT in the D show was exactly what we needed.  We were joined in studio by long-time friend of the program Jeff Haase in-studio.

That of course led to a little hardcore geeking, some laughter, a dose of witty banter, a little mocking, some history of the group, a rant or two…you know, “Us 101″…

photo (2)In our first segment, we talk through the basics of our upcoming Support The Troops event on December 12th, we chat about our event last week at Falling Down Beer Company, and we dive into a bit of the history of as well as some basics of dealing with us.  Including the best and easiest way to piss us off.  After that, we start diving into news and events that have caught our eye including fake Microsoft tech support phone calls that are really hackers, a problem with Yahoo that we’re all surprised isn’t getting more press, and a few others.

In our second segment, we get right back into the Yahoo issue, as well as some freaky social engineering done via LinkedIn that just floored us all, dealing with the after-effects of your system getting compromised, a nasty scam that some tellers are running at grocery and departments stores around the country, some inevitable discussion of Black Friday and more importantly the psychology behind it, a really cool puzzle / cryptography / code breaking thing that’s out there in the wild that’s driving a lot of people nuts and more.

In our third segment, we hop right back into the Cicada 3301 topic and why cryptography and code breaking are so damned fascinating, why Bob is stymied by the concept of airplanes being able to fly, Bitcoin, the Darknet and so much more geek-ness than we’ve gotten into in a long time.

To wrap things up in our final segment, Bob and I get into a debate about the terms “saved” versus “started”…and of course it all revolved around beer, cell phones on airplanes, creatures of habit who fear change, and the impending possibility that phone carriers can start dropping landlines.

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