Our Site Got Updated, IT in the D Tonight, Event Thursday Night and More

We got tired of not being able to find things on our own website, so we launched a mini-refresh.  You should check it out.

Episode 19: “Canadian Legal” is live for listening, and in the midst of that quick refresh, we also revamped our Show Archives page to make listening easier.

Our casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology industry is Thursday night.

We’ve got some blogs for you to read, the usual fun in our LinkedIn group and more.

So let’s get started…

1240193_642481039103695_1898118398_nLet’s talk events.

Our next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology community takes place THIS THURSDAY, November 21st at Falling Down Beer Company.



Great place, looking forward to seeing everyone there.

We’ve had Mark from Falling Down on the IT in the D show with us twice now, so if you’re looking for a little information and background on the place, you can listen to those here or here.

Details can be found on our events page – http://www.ITinTheD.com/meet/, on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ITintheD, or on Meetup – http://www.meetup.com/ITintheD/

1995368While you’re out there clicking around, make sure you give us a “like” on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/ITintheD/.

If nothing else, we amuse ourselves there.

The other place you’re going to want to check out is our website sitting out at http://www.ITinTheD.com/

You know the old saying about how the plumber’s house has leaky pipes, because the plumber’s always out fixing everyone else’s house and can never get around to doing their own?

We were pretty much living that out with our site.

It’s not like we went crazy with a radical revamp of everything…the basic color scheme’s still the same (at least for now…), but it’s a hell of a lot easier to find things now.

screencapSome highlights:

  • Clean, easy to understand navigation
  • All blog categories are in the secondary navigation for quick access
  • Our Show Archives now includes a single page with all past episodes embedded from SoundCloud
  • Links to our social media locations are in the right rail
  • Upcoming events, category breakdowns, and recent posts are in the right rail throughout the site

…and more, but look – the reality of the situation is that it’s still only halfway as slick as we’d like it to be, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Plus, as some of you already know, there are some ch-ch-changes a-comin’, and so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to sink too much time into this at the moment anyway.

Anyway, hop on out to http://www.ITinTheD.com/ to check things out and let us know what you think.

While you’re there, you can check out the information on how to listen live to tonight’s IT in the D broadcast – http://www.ITinTheD.com/listen/

DhiveOn tonight’s episode, we’ve got April from D:Hive coming in to talk about all of the cool stuff they’ve got going on.  From helping familiarize people with the downtown area to running bar crawls, D:Hive’s a…well, a hive of activity, if you’ll pardon the pun.

We’ve also got returning guests Stephanie Goodrich from Secure-24 to help us chat about several “why you can’t find a job” articles that have come out recently.  Some were dead-on accurate…and some were maddingly ridiculous…and we’re going to be talking about both.  Stephanie was on with us back on July 15th for our 7th episode, which you can find by hovering over the “listen live” link in the top nav (navigation that does stuff while you hover on it is still cool right?) and getting to the show archives page and individual episodes.

So tune in tonight live at 9pm.  Details are here: http://www.ITinTheD.com/listen/

photoEpisode 19, “Canadian Legal”, was pretty solid.  If you’ve ever wanted to mess around with a 3d printer, or a laser cutter, or any of a number of other cool gadgets, or if you ever just wanted to hear us completely lose our minds laughing about a machine that dispenses mashed potatoes, you should totally give a listen to hear all about i3Detroit: http://www.ITinTheD.com/6692/it-in-the-d-episode-19-canadian-legal/

As a reminder, you can also catch up with us…

…and a few other ways, but those are the major ones that most people use.

Couple of good blog entries bubbled back up.


Seriously.  We mean it.
Seriously. We mean it.

Don’t Be That Guy: Multi Level Marketing Guy is a fun little story about people who…well, we don’t actually hear much from them any more these days.  The word’s gotten out, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying or useless to the folks in our group.  So give it a read over at http://www.ITinTheD.com/935/multi-level-marketing-guy/

The next is one that it’s really kind of hard to believe is still relevant, but it is.  Don’t Be That Guy: Overblown Sense of Entitlement Guy lives out at http://www.ITinTheD.com/1126/dont-be-that-guy-overblown-sense-of-entitlement-guy/

Both good reads…and very core to what we tell people repeatedly.

Now let’s take a peek in our LinkedIn group.

– We chatted about the auditions for the new Star Wars movie that took place yesterday in Detroit. http://lnkd.in/dNze4Bz

– There might have been some mocking and scorn about the White House’s “tech team” coming to help Detroit: http://lnkd.in/dN6BS9K

– Why can’t new college grads find jobs?  Their social skills suck: http://lnkd.in/bBzSsQn

– Want to know why you can’t find a job?  Might be a number of reasons, including some that will likely piss you off: http://lnkd.in/baAPz2w

…and naturally there are jobs posted: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?careerDiscussion=&gid=91763

So check out all that in more in our LinkedIn group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ITintheDorg-Detroit-Networking-Events-IT-91763

That’s all for this week.

Hope you can join us live tonight for the fun on the IT in the D show – http://www.ITinTheD.com/listen/ – and we’ll see you Thursday night at Falling Down Beer Company – http://www.ITinTheD.com/meet/




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