IT in the D, Episode 19: Canadian Legal

IT in the D, Episode 19: Canadian Legal. Original air date: 11/11/2013

Good episode.

We had Matt Oehrlein from i3detroit, a pretty cool “hacker space” located just north of 8 mile in Ferndale in-studio with us, along with HerShe – a stand-up comic / writer / actress / singer who performs in clubs across the metro Detroit area who’s just released a DVD and always has a good, laugh-worthy insight into things, and Russ Dotson called in from his overseas station in Ethiopia to start talking about our annual Support the Troops event in December.

And as usual, we rambled quite a bit…

You can listen via your browser by continuing down below, and of course everything is also out on SoundCloud –, and should be available on iTunes – and Stitchr – – shortly

photoTo kick things off, we handle some basics – Bob’s back in-studio after a business trip and the birth of his third child, we introduce our guests for the night – Matt Oehrlein of i3Detroit and HerShe the Entertainer, and Russ Dotson calls in from his deployment station in Ethiopia to start the discussion about our annual Support the Troops event on December 12th at Rochester Mills in Rochester Hills.

Appropriate for a broadcast on Veteran’s Day.

Segment 1:

In our 2nd segment, we chat about net neutrality, paying for Sunday deliveries via the postal service, and Bob’s newest obsession – a machine that dispenses mashed potatoes.

Who would’ve thought mashed potatoes could cause a total loss of sanity?

Segment 2:

In our 3rd segment, we pull things back on to the tracks after the Great Mashed Potatoes Debacle, and learn all about i3Detroit from Matt Oehrlein.  With everything from classes about how to paint like Bob “Happy Little Trees” Ross to playing with plasma cutters, i3Detroit does a little bit of everything in their hacker space.

What’s a hacker space?  Guess you should listen and find out, shouldn’t you?

Segment 3:

In our 4th and final segment, we dive in with HerShe the Entertainer, a stand up comic who’s just released a DVD, chat a bit more with Matt from i3Detroit and wrap things up for the night.

Segment 4:

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