IT in the D – Episode 14, Full Episode: Brightwing, Interviewing and The Job Search

The IT in the D show is joined by Elyse Lopez, April Jennings, and George Opitz of Brightwing to discuss what they do, how they see the market going, interviewing tips and tricks, and more. Air date: 10/7/2013…

The full episode of the 10/7/2013 show, and it was a really fun, solid episode.

Everything from the history of Brightwing to hints and tips on your job search, why choosing the right recruiter to work with matters and the difference they can make, random news stories and more…this was a really great, fun time with everyone involved.

Links from our chat / discussions:

Don’t Be That Guy – The Betta Fish:

Our three part blog series on how not to suck at interviewing for a job:

– The preparation:

– The interview itself:

– Follow up and composure:

Details on our upcoming events are always out at

Brightwing – was a sponsor of both of our recent Pink Slip Party events, the one back on 3/13/13 as well as the one on 9/19/13. Additionally, Russ Dotson has been a crucial part of our Support The Troops activities over the past few years, and was a guest on our very first installment of the IT in the D show. You can listen to that episode here –, and then another when April and Elyse popped in over at

They’re recruiting for a wide variety of positions currently, and you can check out all of the gigs they’re looking to fill out at, or just hit to learn more about them and what they have going on. If you listened live, then you heard them talk about how important it is to them that they make sure they find the right fit for both their clients and their candidates, and based on everything we’ve seen and heard…we have no reason to doubt them at all.

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