IT in the D Live Broadcast Tonight, Catching Up

Is it seriously about to be October?


Since our last update, our 9/19 Pink Slip Party at Saint Andrews Hall has come and gone, we’ve done an episode of IT in the D with Mark Stanislav talking about that event, security, and a whole host of other topics, we’re getting ready for another live broadcast tonight with two great guests in-studio, our October, November and our December holiday-ish / “Support the Troops” events have been scheduled…

photo 3You know the routine.

We start with our next networking event.

Thursday, October 17th.

Royal Oak.


Back room.

5:01pm start time.

Some of the greatest folks in the metro Detroit information technology industry will be on-hand and in the room to hang out for a casual chat, help you find your next job, or point you in the right direction if you’re looking to hire.

Details on all of our events can always be found on our events page here on the site – – on Meetup at, and on Facebook at

Based on everything we’ve seen from past trends and events, odds are good that this will be a slightly-larger-than-normal casual networking event.  The month after one of our Pink Slip Party events just always seem to work out that way.

networkSpeaking of our Pink Slip Party events, the one on 9/19 was outstanding.  You can read a full recap here:, but just “wow, what a night”.

I had a pretty surreal moment when I hopped up to the top floor to snag a few crowd shots and it really set in just exactly how many people were in the room, and how big these events have become.  We were thrilled in May of 2009 with 42 recruiters and 350 people showing up, and we’ve more than doubled both of those numbers at recent events.

Hit that recap to find out more about our sponsors from that night, since none of it would have been possible without them, as well as getting clued in to where all of the pictures live from that night –

That brings us to our IT in the D live broadcasts.

On last Monday’s episode we had Mark Stanislav from Duo Security in with us, and it was a pretty solid show.  We recapped the Pink Slip Party event, talked about two factor authentication and why it matters, chatted a bit about the new thumbprint security convenience feature on iPhones, and a lot of other topics.

koolphoneTonight, we’ve got two of our sponsors from the 9/19 Pink Slip Party in with us, Arrow Strategies and the Great Lakes Technology Showcase.

And it’s our 13th episode.  What can possibly go wrong?

No, we’re not seriously asking that question.  We know better than to tempt fate.

Remember, we’re on live Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm, and you can interact with us in several ways:

You can make sure you get connected to our live broadcasts, catch up on past shows, and read all about what we’ve got going on over on our “Listen Live” page at

Looking forward to another great show tonight…as well as figuring out why Pabst Blue Ribbon and Slim Jim aren’t sponsoring our show yet.

We’ve had quite a few inquiries about how to come on our show with us, and since we’re hitting over 10,000 listeners in our first 30 days after broadcast, it’s a good way to help get the word out about whatever you have going on.  We’re not that high maintenance – drop us a note at and we’ll start chatting and figuring out schedules.

If you didn’t catch that reference, you clearly haven’t listened to last week’s episode, which you should be going to do right now.

Our LinkedIn group has some good discussions going on and jobs posted at the moment if that’s what you’re looking for.

Lessons from a Child’s Toy 2: Learn Harder at is another nice little journey into the world of my attempts to rip my own hair out, yet somehow turning that into a good analogy for you to keep in mind when it comes to networking.

Hope you join us live tonight for the broadcast, and we’ll see you at the BlackFinn on October 17th!


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