IT in the D Returns LIVE Tonight!

Our IT in the D show returns live tonight at 9pm!



A couple of weeks worth of built up rants, raves and topics!

So make sure…

.facebook_-1536974642…you tune in and listen live tonight starting at 9pm on Raw Radio X.

Don’t know how?

It’s easy!  All you need is an internet connected device and then you’ve got all kinds of options.  Everything you need to know can be found at or at

While you’re waiting, make sure you check out a few blog entries that have gone live recently:

Our update from Thursday with some information about our upcoming Pink Slip Party:

How Not To Suck At Facebook over at

And in case you’re wondering what’s next for us and on our horizon, you should check out The Road Ahead over at to learn about Network Michigan and other things we have in the hopper.

Don’t forget to tune in live tonight at 9pm!



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