So you’re looking for business cards…

Well, here’s an option. Everything we get for our events (business cards, registration cards) comes from They’ve got a great little designer system, slick interface, great pricing, and so that’s where we do our stuff.

After seeing some of the posts about not knowing where to get cards made up, or not being sure about what a “fair” price was, I reached out to, told them who I was, asked them to look at the stuff I order for the group so that they saw it, linked them to the site, explained what our events are and who our attendees are, and wouldn’t it be nice if they did something to help out…blah blah blah. Anyway, they came back with these two offers:

100 Free Single Sided Business Cards: YBJHVZ1O ex: 4/30/11
30% Off Business Cards: Q92O8ZD3 ex: 12/31/10

As with everything that we do, we’re not getting a dime off this. This isn’t a “referral” thing, it’s not a “kickback” thing, it’s just something that I reached out about trying to provide something else that might be of assistance to the job seekers out there.

So, feel free to use those codes, and to pass them around to others that might be in need as well. There are no limitations on usage, so there’s no problem with spreading them around.

– dave