There Aren’t Enough Superlatives Left

Posted this note on our Facebook page last night…still true:

This group constantly and consistently stuns us…and yet we feel like we should just expect it by now. We’re constantly humbled…and yet extremely proud…of what this group is, does, and has become. We want to yell at the top of rooftops…and yet we’re regularly left speechless…by what this group manages to pull off. What you did tonight will help a lot of kids in the area, and that’s…that’s just really damned outstanding. Thank you…all of you…seriously.

– Bob, Dave and Jeff

So let’s recap last night…

IMG957026Before we even got there, Maria and the great folks at the BlackFinn in Royal Oak had already primed the pump to make sure that Operation: Kid Equip would see some great results.

What a very cool way to start.

That’s what the table setup in the back room looked like when we walked in the door.

Then, as people started to arrive…it started getting more and more packed.

And more.

1003166_10151686136328820_1325746977_n (1)And then still some more.




Colored pencils.


Pencil sharpeners.

Water colors.

$100 in gift cards courtesy of the great folks over at iTalent.

Notebooks…dozens and dozens of notebooks.

Stuff came in onesie-twosie.

Items came in packed in bags.

A few even showed up with boxes.

1013582_10151686135188820_914286057_n (1)
Menachem from Operation: Kid Equip (left) stopped by the event last night and took this shot with the winner (John Coe, right) of the Jimmy Buffett tickets for tomorrow night at Comerica Park.

Just…outstanding, people.  Seriously.

We also raised a decent chunk of cash on top of all of the items collected, thanks to the raffle going on.

“What raffle?” you ask?

Well, you obviously didn’t take our advice about paying attention to our Facebook page and Twitter feed for last-minute announcements now, did you?

It started with:

Wanna go see Jimmy Buffett Saturday night at Comerica Park? Here’s your chance. Bob’s sobered up since buying them and has realized he doesn’t ACTUALLY want to go, and so we’re raffling them off tonight to raise a little more cash for Operation: Kid Equip! So get in that “lost shaker of salt” mindset and buy a ticket (or several) to help a great cause…and maybe have a blast at a concert Saturday night!

And then this got added:

Added into the raffle: two family packs (2 adults, 2 children) for Cedar Point! Seriously, get here!

So yep, “raffle”.

Sharks and beersCouldn’t possibly be any happier with how things turned out, and couldn’t possibly be happier with the turnout and the support for Operation: Kid Equip last night.

Oh, and yes, there was some actual networking that took place last night.

We had some students from the most recent Shifting Gears class show up, as well as someone from the recent event downtown we spoke at with WIN over at the Compuware headquarters.

Plenty of familiar faces, but lots and lots of new ones as well.

And yes…Sharknado was indeed on all of the screens when it came on at 7pm.

It’s just as hilariously bad as we expected it to be.

IMG957004Which actually tied in to one of the other raffled off items that the BlackFinn gave us.

Yup…a sweatshirt with a shark on it.

Very much on point.

All in all, a great night, and a good time was had by all.

Most importantly though, Operation: Kid Equip got a bunch of supplies that will help a lot of kids throughout the area.

So, again…thank you.

It’s always a little nerve-wracking whenever we try and do something like this, because we never really know how it’s going to turn out.

But, like the post from Facebook last night said…we should know by now that it’s going to turn out just as well as last night did.

179745_10151532442899022_822827511_nCan’t forget to say “Thank you!” to the good folks over at 96.3 WDVD’s morning show, Blaine and Allyson, for helping us get the word out about this event.

As always, they were great in supporting our efforts to help get things better here in the area.

Give them a look and a like over at

See you in August, and don’t forget to listen to Monday night’s IT in the D live broadcast –

…we’ve got an announcement that we’ll be getting out there first.