Networking Event Tonight, IT in the D, Sharknado, Helping Kids, TOO MUCH STUFF GOING ON!

Okay, seriously…there’s too much going on right now.

Here’s what we’ve got to cover:

The latest IT in the D broadcast is live.  We’ve got our casual networking event tonight.  You still have time to help us help some kids tonight at the event.  Sharknado will be on the screens in the back room tonight.  Blogs.  A benefit on Saturday night you should get to.  Discussions in our LinkedIn groupJobs.

So…so much.

So let’s get started…

As always though, we start with our next event.

2013-04-18_18-01-25_423TONIGHT!  Thursday, July 18th.

Back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak.

5:01pm start time.

The details can be found at a variety of locations, depending on your preference.

On our site:

On Facebook:

On Meetup:

operation kid equipYou should make sure you’ve liked us on Facebook and are following us on Twitter ( as that’s where we’ll post anything that erupts / evolves at the last minute.

Before you show up tonight, you’ve still got time to do a little last minute shopping at all of those Back to School sales that I can hardly even believe have already started so that you can help us help some kids tonight by bringing items for Operation: Kid Equip.  For full details and the list of most-needed items, please click here:

Sharks and beersAnd yes…the rumors are true.

The social media phenomenon…Sharknado…

will indeed be on the screens in the back room when it starts playing on SyFy tonight at 7pm!

Some of the best and coolest people in and around the metro Detroit information technology community.

The opportunity to help some kids.



Be there.

On the blogs front, just one this time – The Lobotomizer.  You can give it a read out at

46773_10151536110793199_1634905872_nThe latest episode of IT in the D is live, and episode 7 was a lot of fun.

Stephanie from Secure-24.  Billy making a return appearance.  Jen talking about starting up a business.

My attempts to drive Bob into a blinding rage with my music selections for the evening.

Such a great time.

You can catch the quick recap of episode 7 here –, and listen to it and all of our previous episodes through your browser, on iTunes, or through our RSS feed which are all available here

The Facebook page for IT in the D can be found here:  Go like it, already.

1016224_10151816881580739_728368666_nOn Saturday night, there’s a benefit event taking place in Northville that you’ll also be sure to like.

Scott Sabellico, who was in-studio with us for episode 6 of IT in the D, is involved with this fundraiser for the wife and son of Ben Konstantin, who unfortunately lost a battle with cancer.

Not the happiest of subjects, I know, but the benefit event has a ridiculous lineup of great comics ready to make you laugh your ass off, and it’s technically free.

Yes, technically free.  You don’t have to buy tickets to go, and it’s just a “donate what cash you feel comfortable donating at the door” kind of thing.

So if you’re looking for something to do Saturday night, we ask that you give this some strong consideration as a contender.

Details are all in that photo, so click to enlarge it to get a better look.

The IT in the D Facebook page. Seriously, go like it.

On to our LinkedIn group, where we’ve got discussions like these going on:

– The importance of mobile:

– Using professional liars to help you get a job:

– Detroit just got more attractive for startups:

– Co-working spaces in Detroit or Troy:

– Are side projects the new resume?

– A newbie’s guide to GPL and WordPress licensing:

– 13 steps to help you deal with losing your IT job:

– Facebook and the creepy graph search:

– Did Florida lawmakers actually just make computers, tablets and smartphones illegal?

– Is temporary / contract hiring expanding?

Jobs?  Tons of jobs.  You can find a ton of them over at

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at Blackfinn, and don’t forget to help us help some kids before you get there!

And Sharknado.  Don’t forget Sharknado, either.


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