IT in the D, Episode 7 is Now Live

Episode 7, air date: July 15, 2013

The IT in the D crew is joined by Stephanie Goodrich from Secure-24, Billy Strawter of Social Coop Media Detroit, and Jennifer Strawter of Savvy Kids Consignment

This episode was a lot of fun.  Great people in-studio, great conversations and topics, just an absolute blast.

Hopefully that came through on the other side of our broadcast.

MV5BOTE2OTk4MTQzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODUxOTM3OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR6,0,214,317_Tonight…well, how could we not talk about Sharknado?

We also managed to chat about our casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology industry taking place this Thursday night at Blackfinn in Royal Oak, as well as what we’ve got going on to help out Operation Kid: Equip that night.  Other topics included the arguments and fights between sales, business and technology, recruiters and how they approach things, and a whole bunch of other great chats.

You can listen live now from our show information page over at, with links to the on-site archives you can listen to via a browser, as well as into our iTunes feed and the RSS feed here from our site.

For the links from tonight’s episode:

Information on our upcoming events can always be found here:

What we’re doing with Operation: Kid Equip can be read about here:

Stephanie Goodrich is a recruiter from Secure-24, and they’re hiring for a ton of positions right now, including everything ranging from entry-level to senior and advanced career positions.  Their open positions can be found at

Billy Strawter is with Social Coop Media Detroit, and they can help your company with any and all of your social media needs, from consulting to implementation and beyond.  They’re at

Jennifer Strawter has launched Savvy Kids Consignment at, with their next sale and event coming up at the end of September.