Listen Live to “IT in The D” Tonight, Event Recap and More for 6/24/2013

Here we are, another Monday, which means another episode of “IT in The D” takes place tonight.

And we’ve got some pretty cool guests coming to join us in-studio.

We also had our event last week, some fun in our LinkedIn group, and the usual random chaos and mayhem.

So let’s get started…

As always though, we start with our next event.

2013-04-18_18-01-25_423Thursday, July 18th.

Back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak.

5:01pm start time.

The details can be found at a variety of locations, depending on your preference.

On our site:

On Facebook:

On Meetup:

Our last event down at Atwater Brewery was this past Thursday night, and you can read the recap of that event here:

In the meantime though, we’ve got our fourth episode of our “IT in The D” internet radio show going out live tonight at 9pm.

You can read about the show and catch up with out first three episodes here:

If you want to hit the prior episodes, those are available here:

And yes, we’ve submitted our feed to iTunes…we’re going through that process.  We’ll see how that plays out and keep you up to date.

On tonight’s show, we’ll be talking “social” with a couple of fun guests, so we hope you’ll be able to listen live, since as always, we’ll be taking your phone calls and tweets.

The call in number is 313.462.0107, and you can hit us on Twitter at our @ITinTheD account –

On the blog entries front, we’ve got a few for you to check out:

lnbplan2A while back, I got invited to another group’s networking event.  I invited Bob to come along.  Whacky mayhem ensued, and he still hasn’t let me live it down.  You can read all about it over at “LBN…WTF?!” at

We try very hard to keep “That Guy” out of our events, and one of the basic archetypes is The B.S. Generator.  You can read all about this one at

The latest addition to our Don’t Be That Guy stable of entries is The Drive By Recruiter.  We try really hard to make this group all about connections and personal relationships, and so this one in particular stumps us.  Want to be a successful recruiter with our group?  You’ll want to read

ITintheD-funnelSo what’s going on in our LinkedIn group?  Quite a bit.

– “Detroit is cool” vs “Detroit sucks”, chapter 16:

– Dogs in restaurants.  Really?

– Dress codes can be tricky, especially for new graduates.  Don’t screw up:

– 3-D is dead, long live 3-D!

Those conversations and more can be found at


Sure, there are jobs.

We’ve got two “hot” ones that you might want to follow up on:

The first is one that we get a lot of requests about…

Any bilingual folks looking for a helpdesk gig like “now Now NOW”? So here’s a “hot” gig, and we get a lot of requests about entry-level helpdesk positions since so many of our recruiters are in the “medium” to “senior” experience ranges – TEKsystems is looking to staff up GM’s global help desk:

“We are trying to fill various types of Service Desk needs that require candidates be bilingual in English and one of the following languages; Korean, Thai, Spanish or Bahasa. Ideally these will be candidates with 6 months to 1 year of IT experience, recent college grads, and/or those with some IT training and customer service experience. “

blapham AT is your contact.

The second is with Core3 Solutions…

Core3 Solutions is hiring
I know these guys. This is an awesome company. They’re looking for a PM and a Graphics Designer. Check it here

 There are dozens more in the group over at

And as always, all of that and more can be found at

.facebook_-117262309So let’s see…we covered…

Our next event:

The blogs:

Tonight’s “IT in The D” broadcast:

Where to find the past episodes:

I think that’s about it.

Hope you can join us live tonight for the show!



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