Solid Event Last Night, Listen Live to IT in The D Monday Night!

Not a bad event last night.

Our downtown events are always a little hit and miss (with the obvious exception of the IT in The D event on 3/13/13), but they’re definitely still way better attended than they were just a few years ago.  That’s always good to see.

We’ve got our next event on July 18th, our next IT in The D broadcast on Monday night, all sorts of good things…

lBut to start with, last night was pretty solid in general.

You know us, though – we’re always our own worst critics.

Was the parking optimal?  Nope.

Were a few people annoyed that it was a brewery that only had beer?  Sure.

Did Bob and I think about doing a last-minute shift to one of the other nearby venues?  Of course we did.

But we’re glad we didn’t.

Because some of the feedback we got from people was just awesome.  From “You realize we’re basically drinking milk in the barn” to “I work a mile away and I’ve never been here before and will totally be coming back” to the conversations and comments about chats people had…just simply great.

The owner was thrilled we were there.  The bartender had a great time with the group and all of the people wanting to experiment and try the various kinds of beer they had on tap and available…it was just very cool.  Except for the two guys who sat at the bar, didn’t talk to anyone, and kept taking photos.  That was a little weird.  Almost like all of our jokes about winding up on an NSA watchlist during an earlier broadcast were coming true…

…but anyway, we did what we said we were going to do more of this year – we hit a locally owned and operated place, and helped them have a really great night while fostering connections in the metro Detroit information technology community.  With maybe, oh, around 50-60 folks, it was easy to navigate the room and have a lengthier conversation with people than I usually get to have, so that was particularly enjoyable.  Lots of people spread out, and there were clusters of 2-3 folks having chats all throughout the brewery, and even outside sitting at the tables on the sidewalk.

Solid event, especially in the context of some of the others we’ve done downtown over the years. 

2013-04-18_18-00-00_387But, naturally now we’re looking forward to Thursday, July 18th, 5:01pm start time in the back room of the Blackfinn in Royal Oak.

Details are here on our site:, and will shortly be available on our Facebook page and Meetup group as well.

Again, thanks to everyone who made it out last night.

And don’t forget to listen live Monday night from 9pm to 11pm as we head back into the studio for the live broadcast of our fourth installment of the IT in The D show.  Details for that are here:

As always…we’re networking Detroit…one beer at at time.

See you in July, and hope you can join us Monday night by listening live.