The IT in The D Show Press Release

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Metro Detroit Information Technology networking group launches “IT in The D” internet radio show.

Detroit’s Raw Radio X has added a new, two hour long show to its weekly lineup – “IT in The D”.  A lively mix of discussion among the co-founders, guest segments and listener calls, “IT in The D” goes beyond the casual networking events and Pink Slip Parties that is famous for all over the metro Detroit area that have resulted in more than 500 people finding new jobs.

The authors of more than 200 articles ranging from the “Don’t Be That Guy” series instructing people on what not to do to be successful at networking to “The Dating Corollary” series that draws parallels between the reader’s personal and professional lives to make the concepts clear and relatable, founders Bob Waltenspiel, David Phillips and Jeff Mackey were attracted to doing an internet radio show because of its ability to interact with listeners in ways that their website and other social media presences cannot…

David Phillips noted “Since we first started running with the name a few years ago, “IT in The D” has been a number of things.  We’ve experimented with it as a conference name, a news aggregation site, and our wildly successful event on 3/13/13 at St Andrews Hall that brought over 700 members of the metro Detroit information technology community together.  It’s quick, clean and easy to remember, and so using it as the name for our new internet radio show made perfect sense as a next step.”

“We’re very excited about this new avenue to reach, and help, people in the area,” adds Bob Waltenspiel.  “With more than 500 people finding new jobs from our events around the area and our speaking engagements at local colleges and through MEDC’s Shifting Gears Program, it was clear to us that our message, methods and advice resonate with people and can help them move forward with their job search, their hiring practices, and of course when they’re just looking to extend their professional network.  We’re using “IT in The D” to extend our reach and continue making things better here in the area.”

“Our first two shows have launched us right out of the gate with a strong start,” says Jeff Mackey.  “The guests that we’ve had in-studio are people actually doing something solid and important for the metro Detroit IT community.  Too many people weren’t even aware that a hardcore security conference was taking place in downtown Detroit, or that a group started by and focused on women in the metro Detroit IT community providing hands-on training and instruction even existed.  Add in a recruiter each week talking about jobs they’re looking to fill and taking calls, and you have another way we help make connections and improve things for people.”

The “IT in The D” show airs weekly on Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm live from the Raw Radio X studio in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

For more information, show recaps and past episodes, please visit, like the Facebook page at, or follow and interact with the founders on Twitter at @ITinTheD

How To Listen and Interact
Go to from any internet connected device on Monday nights from 9pm to 11pm to listen to the live stream through a browser, or use the provided links to the apps for your particular device’s platform.

Founded in 2001,’s mission has been to offer a safe and agenda-free networking venue for Information Technology professionals in Metro Detroit without the pressures of sponsorships, name selling, or pushy salespeople. The group re-branded in 2008 to offer an online forum to network as well as our monthly meetings at various bars in the Metro Detroit area. For more information, visit, the LinkedIn group, or on Twitter at

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