IT in The D Episode 1 and 2 Show Archives Are Live

Well, it took a little longer than we thought it would (sorry, Wolfgang), but the recordings of our first two “IT in The D” broadcasts are now live and can be listened to at your leisure.

We’d also like you to do something for us…

ITinD_blueMapIT in The D” has its own Facebook page now, and, well, you know it’s all about metrics and numbers and distribution and blah blah blah go give us a “like”, would ya?

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We’re pretty happy with the results of the first two shows, and naturally that means we really want to thank our in-studio guests yet again.  From Wolfgang and Russ in the first week to Michelle, Erika and Davina on Monday, you were all fantastic guests.  Everyone got along really well, and all of the feedback we’ve gotten thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.

So, again, “thank you”.

You can read the recap and listen to the first week’s episode here:

You can read the recap and listen to the second week’s episode here:

Mark Brown

I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to tune in on Monday for our third episode.  We’ve got Mark Brown of Brown Staffing Solutions coming in, and the underlying theme of the show will be the importance of networking, getting yourself to events, and why it matters.  And there are very few people who exemplify that better than Mark, who has quite literally built a business from coming to our events, making great connections, and hiring people into new jobs.

Not only that, but Jeff’s not going to be in the studio this week.

Which, yes, means that it’s going to be Bob and I at the helm without our resident Voice of Reason to keep us in check.

This ought to be fun.  Or a disaster.  Could go either way.

Anyone want in on the betting pool as to when he calls into the show to try and settle us down?  I’m setting the over/under line at 9:40pm…

Hope you can join us Monday night!