Details for Monday Night’s “IT in The D” Broadcast

Okay, so some details for Monday night so that you can be prepared.

You can listen in a couple of different ways.

There’s a live stream you can catch via browsers, and there’s an app for both Droid and Apple

…and yes, it’s there for Windows phone users as well…

Once you’ve got the app loaded, you’re going to want to hook in to the Raw Radio X feed:

You can also hit that link from your browser and listen that way as well.

Or you can hit the website – – and listen to the stream there from your browser.

For Droid devices:

For Apple devices:

For Windows devices:

And remember to follow @ITinTheD on Twitter.  We’ll be using that as the “voice” for the show on that platform.

IT in The D also has its own Facebook page at

RawRadioX can be found on Facebook at

And, of course, our base on Facebook is over at

Hope you can join us Monday night from 9pm to 11pm.  We’re looking forward to it.