The Club Can’t Even Handle Us Right Now: News, Jobs and Updates for 5/23/2013

If you happen to hear an evil, echoing laugh…that’s probably me.

Sorry.  I’ll explain later.

Well, Comic Con is behind us…but the fallout and ripple effects continue to be felt over the events on Saturday.  We’ve got our next event on June 20th, some blog entries for you to check out including (go figure) one heavy with Star Wars references, the usual fun and excitement in our LinkedIn group and more.

And then there’s that evil, echoing laugh…

lAs always though, we kick things off with our next event.

Thursday, June 20th.


Atwater Brewery.

Details out at

As always, details can also be found out on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

2013-05-16_18-47-50_447On the “events” front, our May casual networking event last week was extremely solid.

Couldn’t be any happier with the crowd that showed up.  An overwhelming percentage of new faces, including a bunch of folks actually just looking to hang out and chat.  Sure, we also had an influx of people looking for jobs and those looking to hire as well, but it’s always nice when people come to just make connections and see what it’s all about.

The venue was great, everyone seemed pleased and like they had a great time meeting and chatting with people…we may have found our new “home” on that side of town.

You know who didn’t have a good time?  A lot of people trying to get to Motor City Comic Con on Saturday.  Rather than recap the entire debacle here, go ahead and hit their facebook page out at and just read it for yourself.  It wasn’t pretty.

On the blog entry front, a few oldies but goodies are out there, as well as a new one for you:

2012: The Steep Ride Up was a look back at what we did as a group in 2012, and a look ahead into this year.  Not a bad read –

Don’t Be That Guy: Premature Ejection Guy stemmed from our Pink Slip Party at Woody’s last year, and definitely has some good advice for attending our events –

Sanity Check: I Am No Hero already bubbled back up from earlier this year, chatting about the whole Money Magazine thing.  It’s over at

1lengThe new entry is Episode IV: A New Hope out at   This past Tuesday was the 4th anniversary of our very first Pink Slip Party at the Blackfinn in Royal Oak back on May 21, 2009.  Take a stroll down memory lane and into current events with us…with a Star Wars flavor, of course.

We’ve got hundreds of posts in a multitude of broken out categories for you out at, feel free to browse to your heart’s content.

Over in our LinkedIn group, we’ve got the usual chatter and mayhem taking place:

– Decisions are worthless unless you turn them into actions:

– The High Court of Ireland…may well be hitting the whiskey while on the job:

– Going to Social Media Day?

– The breakdown I did on LinkedIn’s new privacy policy and numerous opt-out locations is getting hit and used quite a bit.  It’s at

Jobs?  All sorts of jobs.  Hit the LinkedIn group, click the jobs tab in there, and then hit “Job Discussions” in the left nav…or just click here:

I think that’ll do for this week.  See you in a few weeks at…


Oh, that “evil, echoing laughter” thing?

Yeah, you’re going to have to wait another week on that one.  We’re not quite ready to blast that one out just yet.

So we’ll see you in a couple weeks at Atwater Brewery:


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