Casual Networking Event Next Week – News, Jobs and Updates for 5/9/2013

We’re just a week away from our event at Lucky Strike in Novi!

We’ve also got our June and July casual networking events published out now, including a return trip downtown in June.

There are a few blog entries for you, conversations and jobs in our LinkedIn group, and all sorts of fun on our Facebook page.

So let’s go ahead and dive in…

Dsc03870As always, let’s lead off with our next event.

Thursday, May 16th.


Lucky Strike (or just “Lucky’s”, as some call it) in Fountainwalk.

5:01pm start time, just like always.

Everything you need to know is published out on the event page:

Go forth, read, and we’ll see you on May 16th.

Facebook: where we post silly, stupid pics and memes that make us laugh

As always, details can also be found out on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at

Details on all of our upcoming events will always hit our site first, so you’ll want to pay attention to our events page at

Anything late-breaking or last-minute will tend to be posted on our Facebook page (again – and on our twitter feed at, so you might want to “like” and “follow” us on those platforms, respectively.

Our Facebook page has had some fun on it lately.  Along with the usual silly pictures and memes that make us laugh, something that’s actually managed to spark a little discussion was a post a few days ago, sort of an open letter to new developers.

Plus, of course, the usual silly pictures and memes that make us laugh.

So if you haven’t checked us out yet at, give us a “like”, dive in, laugh, and comment where you want to dive in and play.

Speaking of diving in, I’m still working on that blog entry about “The Path” – recruiters in particular should be chiming in here.  I’m a little surprised that we haven’t had more responses to it so far…I mean, there have been some really good ones that have come in, but I expected to hear from more than a dozen of you.  Give it a read over at 

On the blog front, we’ve got a few out there for you to check out.

shockgAlways Be Yourself is over at, and has a valuable lesson for those of you who like to juggle a little too much and might wind up tripping over keeping everything straight in your head.

And has a fun reference to me doing karaoke of The Humpty Dance.

Stop Twittering Yourself has some cautionary tales for those of you who like to link your various social media accounts, and just about some annoying habits in general.  It’s over at

You Are Not A Social Media Expert is out at – because…well, because you’re not.  I mean, we KNOW we’re not, and people that say they are annoy us.

In our LinkedIn group, you can dive into conversations about 10 Tech skills that won’t help you find a job any more – – and an interesting move taken by a startup – – among others.

And jobs? Yep, jobs to be found in there too:

Right now, there are postings in there from recruiters who hang out with the group for Adobe forms developers, .Net and Java developers, QA leads, Active Directory admins, front end developers, back end developers, SQL coders, analysts, Windows engineers, and just about any other kind of gig you could hope for.

Best part? Most of the folks posting those gigs are going to be at our event on the 16th, so read up, make contact, and then plan to meet them at Lucky Strike.

Again, gigs are at

See you in next week at Lucky’s, and don’t forget about our other upcoming events:


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