Recruiters, Tell Us Where You Fit On “The Path”

Okay, so I’m working on another blog entry, and I’d like to include some specific references to some of the recruiters in our group, the companies they work for, and where they fit on “the path”.

What’s “the path”, you ask?

Well, let me tell you…

walking_path“The Path”, simply put, is what everyone walks on during the course of their career.  It’s a concept that we’ve talked about a lot in various conversations, and alluded to in other entries…but it seemed like a good time to put something in writing that described the concept and flow.

And it seemed to make sense to get some input from you as to where you and your company might fit on that path, in order to help people figure out who they should be targeting and talking with, and maybe even help you out as well by improving the contacts that come to you through us.  I’m not hunting anyone down specifically – I’m putting this out generally so that anyone who pays attention has a shot of getting in.  And it probably won’t be possible for everyone that responds to get included, and yes, there will absolutely be some “playing favorites” in that folks that actually come to our events and participate in our group will be far more likely to make the cut…that’s how this whole “networking” thing works, after all.

Anyway, so, you’ll get a nice little shout-out in one of our blogs here that get some pretty decent traffic, and we’ll help funnel the right kind of candidates in your direction.

What do we need from you?

Simple – what are you most commonly hunting for when it comes to candidates, experience-wise?

Are you a company that needs and hires a lot of entry level folks for helpdesk work?  Are you typically looking for people in the 3-5 years of experience range?  Do you only work with those having 10 years or more in the industry because you tend to be a sharpshooter handling senior level placements?

None of those is “the wrong answer”, and all of them are applicable to people that come through our virtual doors and ask us for assistance.

Which, yes, means that we’re also doing this to kind of help ourselves out a bit – a one-stop shop sort of entry that we can point people to here on the site would be of immense benefit to both us and our site visitors.

Feel free to use our Contact Us form over at, you can drop us an email at, or you can make our lives really easy and just use the handy-dandy form right here…

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