Casual Networking Event for IT Professionals Next Week, News, Jobs, Updates and More for 4/10/2013

Did I miss the memo where metro Detroit inherited Seattle’s weather pattern?

The five day forecast is rain, more rain, thunderstorms, still more rain, and finally, even more rain.

So, since you’re clearly not going to be doing a whole lot outside, let’s keep you occupied for a bit.

We’ve got blog entries for you to read, our next casual networking event for professionals in and around the metro Detroit information technology industry is next Thursday, there are a few events this weekend you might want to check out, and of course we have the usual run of chatter and jobs from our LinkedIn group.

Let’s get started…

As always, we kick things off with our next upcoming event.

Dsc03870Thursday, April 18th.

5:01 pm.

Royal Oak.


Back room.

Casual networking social event for professionals in and around the information technology industry in the metro Detroit area.

Details can be found here on our site at, on our Facebook page at, or in our Meetup group at Details on all of our upcoming events will always hit our site first, so you’ll want to pay attention to our events page at Anything late-breaking or last-minute will tend to be posted on our Facebook page (again – and on our twitter feed at, so you might want to “like” and “follow” us on those platforms, respectively.

In a prior update, I did a bit of a deep-dive to answer the “what’s the difference between a ‘casual networking event’ and a ‘Pink Slip Party’ question that was coming in. I’m not going to rehash that all here – you’re grown ups. You can click here if you’re wondering.  We realize that we had a lot of new faces at our 3/13/13 event down at St Andrews, as well as those that heard about us from people who were at that event, and so this is all breaking new ground for you.  Welcome, and we look forward to seeing you next Thursday night.

Did you catch the earlier note about free training opportunities available via state grants again?  You didn’t?  Well, hop on over to and read.

chuck-woolery1The Dating Corollary: Desperation and Jealousy is another exploration we did into the similarities between networking, job hunting, hiring and dating.  This one has some behaviors you should absolutely avoid, so hit and give it a read.

Now, don't go TOO far...Our first “prune your network day” has long since come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking to do a little spring cleaning in your connections while you’re starting to think about those overgrown bushes by the front steps.  Hop over to and check out what we’re talking about, and why it’s important for the health of your overall network to do some pruning.

Don’t Be That Guy: Bad Resume Guy is out at, and even though it’s been live for a couple years now, it’s still one of the most relevant topics, and one that’s referred to a lot by external sources.  Give it a read, and improve your resume for having done so.

Starting to think about the weekend?  On Sunday, there are a couple things going on being run by “friends of the program” (read: “people we like”) that you might want to check out. 

Head over to The Ritz in Warren during the afternoon to check out XICW – Xtreme, Intense Championship Wrestling.  That’s right – wrestling.  Just like you used to wake up on weekend mornings and watch, or that you might’ve just caught a pay per view event.  And it’s in a dive bar.  So there’s booze.  Perfect.  They’re at if you want to check them out.  Odds are good you’ll find Bob and I in the front row leading childish chants and diving out of the way of flying bodies.

On Sunday night, if you’re in the Rochester Hills area, pop on in to Rochester Mills to catch The East Side Party in action.  They’ve got a pretty solid lineup of comics kicking off at 9pm (doors open at 8), and those of you who have been to our events at Rochester Mills or hit it on your own already know what a great venue it is.  So, hop on over to and check out specifics, as well as everything else they’ve got going on.

So now let’s hop into the LinkedIn group over at

– Know why retailers ask for your ZIP code during transactions?  Want to know what they do with it?

– Are mainframe skills making a comeback?

…and jobs, of course there are jobs out there.  Hop into and check ’em out. 

I think that’s all for this time.

Catch you next week at our event!


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