Preliminary IT in The D Schedule of Events is Live

Okay, the nagging can settle down to a dull roar now.

We’ve got the preliminary schedule of events for IT in The D out and accessible.

Basic timing and a good chunk of the speaker bios are there.

Now, in the coming days…

…as we get the rest of the bios in, they will be included.

As we finalize which flow and order the presentations make sense to be placed throughout the day, we’ll publish out the actual specific timing of each talk as well as the title and subject matter.  But for now, it’s live, and it’s out at

We’re not being coy, honest.  We’re just simply trying to make sure that we do this the right way and that it has the most benefit possible for you.

“You”, of course, being “you people who buy tickets and our sponsors”.  And rest assured sponsors, we’re getting our ducks in a row on your pages here in the next few days as well.  We definitely want to make sure we’re singing your praises properly.

So go buy some tickets or become a sponsor, already: