Another Great Event Last Night, Looking Towards IT in The D

I’m starting to feel like I’m getting to be awfully redundant.

It seems like every month I’m saying the same thing over and Over and OVER again: “A great event last night!”, “met a lot of awesome people!”, “so many new faces!”, “lots of the regular crowd showed up, too!”, “learned of a few more hires from within the group!”…


I guess there are worse problems to have in life…

photoBut it really was another great event.  Our first casual networking event for metro Detroit information technology folks goes into the books as a success. 

And I really did meet a lot of very cool people.  Recruiters looking to hire.  People looking to be hired.  Folks just looking to meet and greet to expand their network.  Savvy architects with extensive backgrounds and existing networks and developers who came to their very first event after realizing that it was time to start building one.

photo1There were a ton of new faces last night.  From the people who’d been at an event the night before and had heard about us to the recruiters from a company in Ann Arbor that fought rush hour traffic to get to Ferndale to check us out, it was great to see so many new folks.  Even had a few who’d gone to another event taking place last night and left shortly after arriving to head our way.

Some of them had some decent suggestions for future events and what we might be tweak here and there.  As always, we’re definitely open to hearing whatever people want to throw at us, so feel free to drop us a note – – at any time.

photo2And yep, a lot of the regular crowd showed up as well (like Ray Braun, for instance, who was nice enough to snap a few pics last night and send them my way this morning…thanks, Ray!) and it was great catching up.  A few new business ventures have been launched.  Some familiar faces have landed in new roles with great opportunities.  That’s probably one of the best parts of this group – seeing people evolve, change, and move into new positions and take on new challenges with fresh excitement in their eyes.

photo3The venue couldn’t have been any better.  The private room upstairs at Como’s was just simply perfect for our group.  The scattered hightop tables were great for quick conversations, and some of the wiser heads moved to the other end of the room pretty quickly to take advantage of the big comfy couches.

Had a lot of great conversations about IT in The D.  You can expect our schedule of events and speakers to get published later today.

And while it was great seeing everyone last night, that’s in the past and it’s time to bear down.

We’ve got our event next month – – but our eyes are most definitely firmly on March and IT in The D.

If you’re looking to get tickets, the time is now.  If you’re looking to become a sponsor, that window will soon be closing as well.

It’s time.  We’ve taken this as far as we can without you, and now it’s time for you to do your part.