Shameless Plug: Honorable Mentions

So we mentioned in the “thank you” note from this past Thursday’s Support The Troops event that a little shameless plugging was in order for those who stepped up and really went above and beyond to help make things happen.

We sent shout outs to ardentCause and iTalent earlier in the week, because those two really went over the top. 

There are a few who deserve some recognition, and so we’ll bundle them together as an “Honorable Mentions” category.

So here’s our third stop on the Great Shameless Plug Tour of 2012…

The three we’re going to talk about are Arrow Strategies, Synova and Brightwing.

synovalogoSynova gets a shout out because they’re lucky enough to be riding on Mike Rieves’ coat tails for this. 🙂 

For those not in the know, much like last year when we utilized Russ Dotson’s personal connections with troops overseas, this year it was another of his connections, Mike, who had a direct hook for us.  Mike’s son is one of the members of the unit that just got “boots on ground” over there a couple of months ago, and so it was a no brainer for us to follow that trail.

Synova’s currently got a bunch of opportunities available, so check them out and then touch base with Mike to get yourself in the door.

arrow-logoNext up, Arrow Strategies has long had a connection with us as a group.  They’ve been around with us since we started having events at the Blackfinn, and they were actually responsible for the very first hire that took place from our first Pink Slip Party back in 2009.

stevegauraSteve Gaura in particular has been very active with our group over the years.  He’s at nearly every event we do no matter where we do it, he’s one of the people we’re relying on to help make sure we don’t screw up IT in the D, and he’s just an all around good guy in general (even if he does wear skinny jeans) who’s always ready to talk with people about the opportunities Arrow Strategies can offer someone.

He’s also one of the few people I’d go to if I were looking, so you should have that same faith in him as well.

brightwingFinally, we come to Brightwing.

Brightwing gets an honorable mention for their donation, but also because that’s where Russ Dotson has now landed…and Russ is a critical component to doing what we do with these events.  He’s the one that approached us last year when we were foaming at the mouth trying to figure out how to do something good (and reasonable for our members) for our end of the year event. 


In addition to his own service overseas, he’s obviously still very much involved with reservists and others who are still engaged in active duty deployments.

Russ is also one of the few people I’d turn to if I were in need of a gig, so he’s definitely in that same “go to” category of recruiters you should get to know.

So there you have it.

You can find Synova online at, their job listings at, and Mike Rieves can be found at

Arrow Strategies can be found online at, and Steve Gaura can be found at

Brightwing lives over at, and Russ can be found online at

Thank you, all of you, for helping make last Thursday night such a success…and Mike, we’re looking forward to hearing back from your son as the goodies start arriving, and hopefully at a future event after he makes it back stateside.