Shameless Plug: iTalent

So we mentioned in the “thank you” note from this past Thursday’s Support The Troops event that a little shameless plugging was in order for those who stepped up and really went above and beyond to help make things happen.

So here’s our second stop on the Great Shameless Plug Tour of 2012…


Funny thing about iTalent…we have a very strong connection with this company, even though they’re still an up and comer in the metro Detroit IT scene.

How can you NOT love Kim?

When they were looking for someone senior to step in as a VP / Director of Recruiting…well, tah-dah!  We’ve known Kim West forever.  We love  Kim WestKim should absolutely  fill that role.  And she apparently walked in the door, blew everyone away, and is killing it in that role.

And then she needed to start building a team…and who did she look to?

Our group.

Davina, Deena and Lauren, all of whom regularly attend our events, now work at iTalent.

That’s what it’s all about, people, and what we keep harping on over and Over and OVER again: make connections, build connections, nurture those connections…because those connections are your lifeblood and will help you do good things, and do good things for you.

So is it any surprise that iTalent showed up with not one, not two, not three, but four iPod Shuffles to get over to the troops on Thursday night?

No…not really.  We love supporting people, and they’re all of the same mindset.

But still…thank you, iTalent.

You should absolutely go give them a look.  They have a ton of open positions right now, everything from Engineering to Analysts to IT Solutions Architect roles.  They’re all good folks who actually give a damn about you as a person, not just as a resume and a dollar sign, so, seriously, by all means reach out to them.

iTalent and all of their job listings can be found here:

Kim can be found on LinkedIn here:

Davina can be found on LinkedIn here:

Deena can be found on LinkedIn here:

Lauren can be found on LinkedIn here: