The IT in the D Egg Is Gone


We had a lot of slick entries (and…let’s be honest…some not so slick ones) that came through for our contest.

We managed to narrow it down to the final three…and then turned it over to you, our readers.

The voting was really close, and we certainly had some old school ballot box stuffing going on…but in the end…there can be only one.

And the winner is…

Congratulations go to Traci Nies for her entry in the IT in the D “Kill The Egg” contest.

If you want to check it out, you can see it below, or you can, of course, hit up @ITinTheD or

VERY nice work, Traci.  We really appreciate effort, and look forward to seeing you and a friend/coworker at IT in the D in March thanks to those two free tickets you just won!


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  1. Traci Nies says

    Thanks Dave. I like to think I ran a clean campaign. And of course would like to thank the Academy, Foreign Press and especially, my fans. But, mostly the generous IT in the D prize for a day of Geek training , information and more fun than usual networking! Looking forward to it.

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