Meet The Troops 2012: Beth

So last year, in the week leading up to our Support The Troops event, we put some profiles out here.

Profiles of the troops that we were directly supporting and helping.

So, who are we helping with our event on December 13th?

You’ve read the primer on why we’re doing this.

You know we’re helping local Michigan people in the military stationed overseas.

You’ve got the event booked in your calendar and you’ll be there.

You read the Frequently Asked Questions about the event and you’re ready.

You might have even taken the time to read the profiles and updates from last year.

We introduced you to Dave earlier on.

Well, now let’s meet another one of the people we’re doing this for this year…

Those of you that were at the 2011 event will no doubt remember Chief Beth Kindley.

Jeff, Beth, Rich, Russ, JessicaBeth was one of the uniformed Sailors that graciously came down to spend time with us – for the sake of reference, she’s the one that didn’t slap Dave if that helps.

Unfortunately, she won’t be able to come down and join us this year because she has been recalled to Active Duty and is in the process of getting shipped out to Afghanistan.

Beth is married with one daughter and her husband is also in the Navy.  She’s leaving them both behind for the year so that big, tough, strong guys like us can be snarky and write blog posts about people who get on our nerves.

(yeah, that’s a fun bit of perspective, huh?)

Needless to say, we will no doubt be shipping one of the care packages from this event off to Beth.  We really appreciate her time last year, and wish her all of the best.

She has been in the Navy since July of 2001, and this won’t be her first trip to the sand-box either.  Back in 2006 she was mobilized and sent to Iraq for a year.

Best wishes Beth, and be careful!