The Justice League Discount Double Check

Okay, so a few questions came in about the references we’ve been making to “The Justice League” over the last couple of weeks.

The Justice League, laughably, was a nickname given to a group of people off the cuff during a discussion with an event coordinator for a venue and it just sort of stuck.

See, we know we don’t know everything.  And we damned sure know we’re not psychic.

And so we wanted to get some people together…

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom…

…to talk about IT in the D, and what would make it value-add for them.

This particular group of folks was mostly comprised of recruiters.  Most of them have been coming to our events for years, but we also made the conscious decision to invite a few relative newcomers as well, just to ensure that we got a well-rounded set of viewpoints and opinions as to what we’re planning.

See, Bob, Jeff and I have a good picture in our minds of what we want this to be, how we want it to work, and what we see as value-add.

But, again: we don’t know everything.  We’re not psychic.

So it made sense to solicit feedback and opinions.

We’re really glad we did.

Not that we were off base or anything, but it was awesome to get some feedback about our speaker line up, the venue, what we thought made sense from a “flow” perspective, how we were planning on handling sponsors, and a few other points.

For instance, one thing that I got beat over the head about was “You guys are more fun than this – why aren’t you having any fun with your ticket sales?”

Okay, so let’s have some fun with our ticket sales.

Until the Early Bird registration tickets are gone, you can save $20 by using a discount code associated with one of the three of us.

Yep, simple enough, right?

Three discount codes you can use when you buy a ticket, all the same $20 off, the only difference is you pick which one you want to use, and we’ll come up with something appropriately humbling for whoever gets their code used the least amount of times.

Hmmm…we do have our “support the troops” event coming up…and we did have that point in time where I got slapped really hard for the cause last year…hmmmm….

Anyway, so again, you go to:

You use the coupon code of:




…any one of those three (but you really want to use dave you know you do), and you’ll save 50%…at least until they run out.

That was just one of the things that we took note of last night, but it’s also the easiest and quickest one for us to implement…so there you go.

Thank you, everyone, that came out last night.  We really appreciate the time you took to show up, to hang out, and to talk with us (and each other) in order to help make sure we do this right.

We’ll be rattling all of the other ideas around in our heads for a couple of days, and then we’ll likely make a run at soliciting the same sort of input from other facets of our overall demographic as well.