Casual Networking Event for Metro Detroit IT Folks TONIGHT

Yup, it’s Thursday, November 15th, and that means our event in the back room of the BlackFinn is just a few short hours away.

Got questions about IT in the D?  Get ’em answered at BlackFinn tonight.

Want to meet some great people in the information technology industry here in metro Detroit?  They’ll be at BlackFinn tonight.

Looking for a new gig, but want to actually talk to some recruiters about jobs instead of blindly emailing off your resume? Talk with them at BlackFinn tonight.

Are you looking for false promises of hope, lame cover charges paid to people that don’t care about you, the area, or anything other than their bank accounts?  Want to hear about the latest and greatest pyramid scheme you can annoy your friends and family about?  Sorry, that won’t be at BlackFinn tonight…

So that’s tonight – Thursday, November 15th. Royal Oak. BlackFinn. Back room. 5:01pm start time.

Details are available on our site or on LinkedIn at You can also find info out on our Facebook ( page, Meetup ( group, or any of our other “presence” pages or event listings around the web.

Catch yesterday’s full set of updates over at to make sure you’re up to speed, and then we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

In the meantime…here’s a fun one for you.  Facebook has launched their long-rumored jobs app.  Which means that yet again, we have the professional world attempting to invade your personal life.  While I understand Facebook’s logic in trying to pull this together, I still think it’s a horrible idea.  Thoughts?

See you tonight!